Harting shrinks DIN 41612 3Q/3R type connector

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Harting shrinks DIN 41612 3Q/3R type connectorIn line with the trend to miniaturisation in the industrial sector, Harting is introducing a new DIN 41612 multipoint connector that is only one-third the size of previous versions.

The new DIN 41612 3Q/3R type multipoint connector family is available with or without a PCB hold-down clip and is particularly designed for connecting two circuit boards located perpendicularly to or alongside each other.

These new connectors are just as robust as the full and half-width versions, providing the tried and tested reliability that users appreciate in DIN 41612 connectors. The 20 or 30 contacts with compact 2.54mm spacing can each take a current of up to 2 A. Plugs in 3B, 3C, 3Q and 3R sizes are also available to fit.

The availability of versions made of high-temperature material means that through-hole reflow soldering technology can be used for connecting to the circuit board.

Harting also offers custom built options in addition to the standard versions Please follow the link to download a copy of the DIN 41612 3Q/3R type connectors data sheet.

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