New Markforged Industrial Series X3 and X5 3D printers

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New Markforged Industrial Series X3 and X5 3D printersRPS, an authorized reseller of Markforged 3D printers in the UK, is supplying the newly announced Markforged Industrial Series X3 and X5 3D printers. The X7, previously known as the Mark X, remains Markforged's flagship product. With the addition of the X3 and X5 printers, Markforged says it has made industrial printing attainable for every manufacturing business.

The X3 is powered by the incredible material strength of and stiffness of Onyx, a high-temperature-capable carbon fibre-filled nylon.

Markforged's X5 adds the ability to reinforce an Onyx part with a strand of continuous fibreglass, making it 19 times stronger and 10 times stiffer than traditional plastics.

For even greater performance, the X7 continuous carbon fibre industrial printer platform produces parts that are 23 times stronger than those built from ABS.

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