New chainflex CFSOFT cables for fast movements in small spaces

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New chainflex CFSOFT cables for fast movements in small spacesigus is extending its range of chainflex cables with the introduction of cables that are optimised for fast, short strokes with minimum bend radius factor of 5×d. In addition to the flexible conductor structure, the chainflex CFSOFT uses abrasion-resistant, soft jacket materials. This guarantees a long service life in energy chains, even in the smallest of spaces.

Key to the flexibility of the chainflex CFSOFT is the igus conductor design. The individual cores are made of soft copper and undergo a special lacing and stranding process during manufacture, which makes the overall cable much more flexible and softer than traditional flexible cables. This makes the new series suitable for use in the semiconductor industry, where energy chains with very small bend radii are used.

In pick & place machines, for example, fast, short strokes of about 0.5 to 1m in length are the norm. In these applications, conventional cables would force the energy chains open at the bend radius and thus negatively impact their movement. The CFSOFT solves this problem thanks to its pliable material. In this way, the new cables are designed for a bend radius of 5×d and, at the same time, have cleanroom class 2 certification.

The chainflex CFSOFT offers a very high degree of reliability as it has been tested under practical conditions for 3 years in the igus test laboratory, which is the world’s largest in the industry with a floor area of 2,750 square metres. The test results are used in the product development and the online service life calculator, which makes igus the only manufacturer to give a guarantee of 36 months or 10 million strokes. The CFSOFT can be ordered in a length or as a harnessed readycable. It can be configured with the help of various online tools and can therefore be adapted to the customer application. As a readychain, it is also available pre-installed into an e-chain system.

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