IDS unveils Ensenso XR 3D camera with onboard processing

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IDS unveils Ensenso XR 3D camera with onboard processingIDS will launch the Ensenso XR 3D camera with onboard processing at VISION 2018 - as well as many other leading-edge industrial vision products.

From pick-and-place to quality assurance, the Ensenso 3D cameras are extremely versatile. VISION 2018 will be the first time that the new Ensenso XR camera family is exhibited.

The Ensenso XR is the first model in the Ensenso 3D camera family to incorporate onboard processing. It therefore calculates the 3D point clouds internally and exports them via Gigabit Ethernet or Wifi to a host PC for further 3D data analysis. Advantages of this approach include:

  • Faster point cloud creation compared with creation by a host PC
  • Reduced network bandwidth
  • Reduction in computing load for the host PC

According to IDS, the Ensenso XR is ideally suited to multi-camera systems because the load on bandwidth and connected PCs, for example, are critical factors for the success of such applications. Depending on the parameterisation, the 1GigE models of the new camera family are approximately twice as fast as those of the Ensenso X series. Bin picking applications that are designed for the fastest possible clock rate, for example, benefit from the higher speed.

Another advantage of the Ensenso XR is that if data is transmitted via WLAN, only one cable (power supply) needs to be connected to the camera.

The model being presented at VISION is similar in terms of field of view and resolution to the Ensenso X series with 1.3MP sensors and can precisely detect entire pallets and small objects. For the detection of a packed Euro pallet measuring 120 x 80 x 100cm, the Z accuracy will be just under 1mm at a camera distance of approximately 2m. For the start of the Ensenso XR series with 1GigE models in spring 2019, both variants with uEye CP and uEye FA industrial cameras (protected to IP65/67) with 1.6MP and 5MP sensors are planned.

Follow the link for more information about the Ensenso XR 3D camera and other highlights from IDS at VISION 2018.

25 October 2018

IDS Imaging Development Systemsvisit website
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