Low-profile servo connector replaces conventional round designs

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Low-profile servo connector replaces conventional round designsITT Electronic Components has developed a new connector for medium and large servomotors that provides design engineers with a space-saving and versatile connector capable of handling up to 40A. The low-profile Cm5 connector is designed for servomotors with a flange size less than 150mm2, offering simplified internal wiring and replacing two bulkier conventional circular connectors.

Olivier Miller, marketing director for the industrial market with ITT, comments: "We worked closely with servomotor developers around the world to identify areas of growth for current and future servomotor applications. Our innovative Cm5 design is ideal for space-sensitive applications and significantly lowers installation costs and on-hand inventory since it replaces two conventional connectors."

The low-profile Cm5 connector is 50 per cent smaller and lighter than conventional circular connector designs and provides a high degree of vibration and shock resistance, making it suitable for industrial and other harsh environment applications. The connector is sealed to IP67 and shielded for high reliability, and its simple harnessing reduces assembly and installation time in motor applications.

Cm5 connectors feature a housing with one power and up to 24 feedback insulators, each with four or six signal contacts, separated by metal shielded walls, two sealed entries for power and feedback cables and a first-make/last-break power ground contact electrically linked to the shell.

The design meets all requirements for DIN EN 61984 safety compliance and has a 60V signal rating, operating voltage of up to 640V, and current ratings of 3A for signal and 40A for power. A zinc die cast shell, fluoroelastomer sealing parts, high-temperature insulator material and high-quality contacts ensure a rugged, reliable design.

Servomotor applications enhanced by the Cm5 connector include machine tools, packaging, factory automation, food packaging, assembly lines, marking and labelling, robotics, production machines and laser trimming systems. The Cm5 connector is part of ITT's CmX series of connectors, which is being introduced in a number of sizes compatible with the various flange diameters and power requirements of servomotors currently on the market and in development.

For quantities of 10,000 pieces or more, pricing is typically $20-25 per unit. The Cm5 is also available with high-vibration-resistant socket contacts at a premium. Lead times start at three weeks.

30 November 2006

ITT Interconnect Solutions (ITT ICS)visit website
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