Large enclosures in stainless steel and with NEMA 4X protection

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Large enclosures in stainless steel and with NEMA 4X protectionRittal's new VX25 large enclosure system delivers significantly enhanced value to electrical engineering companies thanks to its technical features, ease of assembly and high levels of safety. Now, new versions of the VX25 are available in stainless steel and optional NEMA 4X rating to enhance corrosion protection and ensure the equipment within is shielded from dust, splashes and water jets.

The frame structure, doors, panels and the gland plate, as well as all the external parts such as 180-degree hinges and comfort handle variants, are all made of stainless steel.

While the sheet steel and stainless-steel enclosure types have IP 55 and NEMA 12 protection categories as default, the optional NEMA 4X version with its corresponding IP 66 category protection offers greater protection. This means the electrical and electronic equipment in the VX25 enclosure is protected from dust, water splashes and jets, even in the most demanding of environments.

In order to achieve the high NEMA 4X protection category, the enclosure underwent, among other things, a water jet test. This procedure ('hose-down' test) involved examining any gaps with seals for leaks using a jet of water with a flow rate of over 240 litres per minute for a test period of 40min/30s (6mm/s per seal length). The tests confirmed that no water would penetrate the enclosure, under comparable conditions.

In addition, the tests included a check of the dust protection, corrosion resistance, and protection against damage caused by external ice formation.

The two VX25 enclosure variants have an almost identical design, which means that the interior engineering of the stainless-steel enclosures can also be applied, unchanged, to the NEMA 4X enclosures, saving electrical engineering companies both time and money.

Any requirement for energy-efficient cooling of VX25 stainless steel enclosures can be provided through the new Blue e+ cooling units, which are also available in stainless steel. Further information is available at

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