ECDriveS powered roller drive and control system for light loads

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ECDriveS powered roller drive and control system for light loadsSEW-Eurodrive is launching ECDriveS, an innovative new drive system for light-load roller conveyors that is simple to set up, highly efficient and cost-saving. It is also packed full of new features that the company says takes roller conveyor technology to the next level.

ECDriveS is claimed to deliver higher performance than comparable systems with 40W continuous power and an overload capacity of 250 per cent, enabling fewer rollers per system and, therefore, overall project cost savings. The set-up has also been designed to be very simple – just plug it in and it is ready to go, with auto-configuration on all motors.

Integrated encoders on the new drive system provide precise positioning and controlled ramps, which extends belt life and enables precise product placement. The modes of control are Profinet/Ethernet-based zone controls or simple binary control. The Ethernet/Profinet controller features integrated conveyor logistics software that provides zero-pressure accumulation for two zones per controller. This spaces and positions products automatically into predetermined zones.

SEW-Eurodrive recently demonstrated the benefits of the new ECDriveS system on a conveying application in the automotive sector. The system, which transported wooden pallets, would normally have required 464 powered rollers and 309 Ethernet controllers. However, due to the dual zone Ethernet controllers of the ECDriveS, SEW was able to reduce the total number of controllers required from 309 to 232, with a saving of about £10,000. This was due to the dual zone controllers enabling independent control per motor that, in conjunction with the configurable ramp times, zero-pressure-accumulation and bidirectional control for two motors per controller, almost halved the requirements.

There was also an estimated 50 per cent saving on installation time due to the plug-and-play feature and auto-configuration of the controllers and rollers. Additionally, long life-time savings on the installation could be demonstrated due to the reduction of belt wear thanks to the incorporated encoders enabling precise ramps. The plug-and-play feature and auto-configuration of the rollers and controllers will also benefit the customer's future maintenance programme and reduce downtime costs.

Typical applications for the new ECDriveS include automotive logistics, food and drink manufacture and airports, for example.

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