Parker launches PSD intelligent standalone servo drive

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Parker launches PSD intelligent standalone servo driveParker Hannifin is extending its Parker Servo Drive (PSD) family of products with the launch of a fully programmable drive suitable for a wider range of applications. The programmable PSD is described as an intelligent standalone servo drive, which is fully programmable via IEC 61131-3 with runtime based on the widely distributed CODESYS V3. It is supported with a full set of PLCopen function blocks, which allows for fast and effective set up of motion functions.

For easy connection to higher-level PLCs and drives, two standardised state machines are implemented – Profidrive and CANopen DS402. The device supports all IEC 61131 programming languages including structured text, instruction list, ladder diagram, function block diagram, sequential function chart and continuous function chart. Set-up and commissioning of the drive is made simple using a wizard-based configuration tool and Parker motors recognised by an electronic nameplate.

As an intelligent controller, the PSD triple is able to control three servo axes in one IEC project. In total, 12 digital inputs and six digital outputs are available. Up to four tasks can be used, including a fast one with a 500 us cycle time. Parker’s Patrick Knebel says: “It’s a further investment in the Parker Servo Drive family of products, following the previous extensions multi fieldbus, multi feedback and functional safety.”

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