Power over Ethernet extenders from Panduit

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Panduit is announcing the arrival of new Power over Ethernet (PoE) extenders on UTP copper cable, which enables network connections to reach up to 610m (2000ft). This new series of devices support full duplex (bi-directional simultaneous) data transmission up to 100Mbps for 100BASE-TX or Fast Ethernet applications. Supplying power and data to up to 4-IP devices through a single copper cable, Panduit says that PoE extenders represent an “Easy to install, cost effective solution for multiple applications”.

Using a single copper cable (4 twisted copper pairs), the new PoE devices extend the data signal and power supply by up to six times beyond the current limit of 100m without the requirement for additional components. They also allow support for all IP devices connected to the network. Additional range does not inhibit the provision of uninterrupted data from switch to multiple IP devices supporting Multicast, Unicast and Broadcast traffic.

This new series of PoE devices is stated to be suitable for extending the signal of IP devices in such applications as security cameras, VoIP phones, access card readers, biometric scanners, lights and other sensors found in commercial buildings, offices, hospitals, schools and parking structures.

Compatible with currently available PoE and non-PoE switches, the new devices can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure to extend PoE beyond the standard 100m distance, eliminating the requirement for intermediate distribution frames, or fibre backbone and media convertors to add IP devices throughout a site, inside and out.

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