Rugged circular connectors for harsh conditions

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Rugged circular connectors for harsh conditions  binder has expanded its Harsh Environment Connector (HEC) series 696 with some new models. They supplement the company’s existing portfolio by adding flange and cable variants with built-in protective conduit adaptation. The integrated sealing function of the protective conduit screw connection allows cables and individual conductors routed in a suitable corrugated tube to be reliably protected against external effects to IP67. Once locked-on, both the plug and the receptacle sides in a manner typical for HEC, binder says that the connector achieves protection to IP69K.

The company cites typical applications as including outdoor electronic systems, mobile factory technology and operation in areas such as agriculture and construction where the use of high-pressure cleaners is common. Additional areas of application are also said to encompass traffic guidance systems, process engineering systems, water treatment and recycling plants. Depending on the version, Series 696 power connectors with a fast-locking bayonet design are approved for a rated voltage of up to 600V and an operating current of 32A. Crimp contacts are used to ensure a secure, vibration-proof connection. The products are available in cable or flange versions with 5 (4+PE), 8 (4+3+PE) or 12 power or signal crimp contacts.

In addition to the broad connection cross-section of 0.14 mm2 to 6 mm2, accessories are available to provide application flexibility. Here, individual conductor sealing sets and protective caps are supplemented by a new protective conduit screw connection that is also available for retrofit. The HEC connectors were developed by binder using materials that resist UV light and corrosive salt spray, and which allow for more than 1000 mating cycles at temperatures from –40degC to +100degC. In addition, the HEC Series 696 connectors are approved by both the VDE and the UL.

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