Belt drive gains option of long carriage and higher capacity

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Belt drive gains option of long carriage and higher capacityHepcoMotion is introducing a long carriage version of its SBD Sealed Belt Drive that considerably extends the application potential of this proven linear system. As well as offering higher capacity, it is more rigid and enables a Z-axis to be mounted without the need for further support. It is therefore useful for designers seeking a streamlined system with the ability to accommodate multi-directional loads. These benefits are in addition to those inherent in the SBD design, which is designed to handle high loads and demanding duty cycles.

The SBD incorporates a new method of sealing that prevents the ingress of dirt into the drive mechanism. It utilises a flush stainless steel cover strip that runs the entire length of the high-strength aluminium beam that houses the linear guide and belt. There are two versions of the system, standard for general engineering use and a clean-room alternative that is certified by the Fraunhofer Institute.

Both versions are available with the long carriage option. The increased load capacity is largely thanks to the use of two HepcoMotion LBG bearing blocks in the carriage instead of one. In addition to providing the strength to take a dynamic load of up to 68,800N, this dual design is also suitable for applications involving moment and offset loads of up to 4212Nm and 848Nm, respectively. With higher capacity, the life expectancy is also longer and, in many applications, it negates the need to install units in parallel to achieve the required load carrying capacity.

Choice of beam widths

Two beam widths are available with the SBD, namely 80mm and 100mm, and single beam lengths are supplied up to 6m; longer units can be easily constructed by joining. Units are suitable for high-speed operation, generally up to 4m/s, and driven by a polyurethane steel-reinforced toothed belt. The recirculating type linear guide employed by this range is from the HepcoMotion LBG caged and silent range, which, as its name suggests, combines high load capacity with quiet and smooth movement.

Further range developments include the publication of the full Fraunhofer test report of the SBD clean-room version. It has been issued with the product's qualification certificate to verify its compliance with the standard ISO 14644-1 (Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments - Part 1: Classification of air cleanliness). The clean-room SBD differs from the standard product in its sealing method: a super-smooth HepcoMotion LBG caged linear ball guide and belt drive are housed inside an anodised aluminium beam and enclosed by a stainless steel cover to provide superior protection. The sealing arrangement is enhanced by vacuum extraction to minimise the risk of particles escaping.

Since its launch in 2006 the SBD has proved extremely popular and its take-up has provided HepcoMotion with a considerable amount of data on the best choice of motor to achieve the optimum combination of power, accuracy, flexibility and value to suit various applications. In its new catalogue, which has been released to coincide with the introduction of the new long carriage option, the company has condensed this valuable material into a five-page motor connections guide showing the wide range of drive possibilities.

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