New DataBus cables for Fieldbus applications

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Belden is introducing new Fieldbus Type A multi-pair cables and foil/braid cables. These provide installation flexibility in many different environments and where multiple or extended cable runs are required.

The number of devices possible on a fieldbus link will vary depending on factors such as the power consumption of each device, the use of repeaters, signal attenuation, type of cable used, and distance. Because of the superior features of Belden DataBus cables, the company says that standard distance limitations can be exceeded without any system enhancements or any sacrifice in system performance.

Belden Fieldbus cables are suitable for use in Class 1, Div. 2 applications and are compliant with FieldBus specification IEC 61158-2 (ISA/SP-50). They are also RoHS-compliant and CE marked. Features include excellent electrical characteristics and low capacitance for long runs.

Cables are available with 22, 18, 16 and 14 AWG stranded tinned copper conductors, and as multi-pair cables available in 2-24 pairs. Versions are available with Beldfoil shields and Beldfoil Plus Braid shields.

As always with Belden industrial cables, for specific applications, custom cable constructions are available with: 600V, TC rated; aluminium or steel interlocked armour; CPE jacket or LSOH jacket; various jacket colours; alternate black and white colour-coded pairs; multi-pair type B 22 AWG, PLTC-rated, individually and/or overall shielded; and multi-pair 18 AWG, TC-rated, individually and/or overall shielded.

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