Stepper motors have option of terminal boxes or connectors

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Mclennan Servo Supplies has commissioned the acclaimed Japanese manufacturer Tamagawa Seiki to produce a new range of NEMA 23 and 34 frame hybrid stepper motors complete with a terminal block and a choice of cable gland or metal ring connectors. This avoids the situation commonly encountered where stepper motors fitted with flying leads require elaborate and costly modification to adapt the wiring into particular applications, especially where EMC, environmental protection or smart appearance is of importance.

The 23 frame stepper motor with metal ring connector, designated the 23HT18C, is available in single-, two-, three- and four-stack versions. The sealed aluminium terminal block adds around 32mm to the length of the motor, with an internal six-way screw terminal strip connector for unipolar, bipolar parallel or series wiring. The metal ring connector is a Souriau UT series, size 12 bayonet type, which is suited to best-practise electrical shielding and offers IP67 protection as standard or IP68 on request. The durable and rugged connector can be used in environmentally demanding applications or where a neat and aesthetic machine design is required. Mating connectors are supplied and complete lead sets can be included if required.

As an alternative,a standard M18 industrial grade cable gland can be specified, with a neoprene cable sealing insert and an O-ring seal on the external thread, typically offering IP68 protection up to 5bar. Mclennan can deliver motors wired with cables to length or cables and components supplied separately.

The 200 step/rev motor is available in current ratings of 1A, 2A and 3A per phase (5A/phase for the four-stack version), and thanks to its neodymium magnets will deliver a holding torque from 0.39-2 Nm with usable speeds up to 10,000 steps per second.

The 34 frame variant, the 34HT18C, is available in single-, two- and three-stack versions for a holding torque to 7.35Nm.

Using its own in-house design and manufacturing capability, Mclennan is able to provide complete mechatronic systems based around the new 23HT18C range that include custom mechanics, gearboxes and powertrain components. A wide selection of stepper drives and motion controls are also available, and the scope of supply can include full EMC testing using the company's own onsite test facilities.

21 November 2007

Mclennan Servo Supplies Ltdvisit website
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