Centum VP gains I/O modules for turbomachinery control

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Yokogawa Electric Corporation is releasing new input and output (I/O) modules for turbomachinery control applications. These new modules are being released as part of the Centum VP integrated production control system.

Installed on a Centum VP field control station, the new I/O modules provide powerful features for the high-speed control and protection of turbomachinery. They have a highly reliable dual redundant configuration and an intermixed signal interface for handling both analogue and digital data.

The I/O modules provide a comprehensive control product for the power generation industry as they come in two types. The Servo Module is designed to control turbine speed by interfacing with specific sensors and actuators to manipulate steam and fuel control valves. The High Speed Protection Module is designed to protect the turbine from overspeed and other critical conditions by shutting steam and fuel valves.

With these new I/O modules, Centum VP provides an excellent platform for the comprehensive and coordinated control of power plant turbines, boilers and balance of plant facilities. Through such enhanced features, Centum VP is able to offer a wide range of control devices for the power generation industry.

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