Adjustable machine feet incorporate damping elements

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Adjustable machine feet incorporate damping elementsNew LW.A vibration damping units from Elesa feature natural rubber damping pads built into an adjustable levelling foot design. They have been designed to damp vibrations, shocks and noise from moving components or non-balanced masses such as rotating machines. This vibration can cause significant detrimental effects on operator health as well as malfunctioning and reduced operating life for the machine or adjacent equipment.

'Active' machine isolation is described as being for vibration-producing equipment such as presses, machine tools, transfer equipment, etc, as well as 'passive' isolation, which is considered suitable for equipment that might be adversely affected by external vibration, such as quality testing, measuring or performance assessment equipment. This 'bidirectional' isolation is an important feature of the LW.A levelling elements.

Sizes of the LW.A damping elements range from 80mm diameter up to 200m diameter with a maximum static load capacity of 40,000N. Documentation is available that gives full technical guidance on correct selection to ensure the damping/isolation required dependant upon frequency of vibration, static load and amplitude/deflection of the equipment. Further information on Elesa (UK) products may be found at

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