Sheath stripping tools can be used in restricted spaces

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With the models AM 16 and AMF 6/10, Weidmüller said it is presenting a totally new development in sheath stripping tools for round and flat cables. Stripping a cable is an essential stage of preparatory work; the greater the accuracy and reliability with which the tool and user accomplish this process, the better the results will be. This requires high-quality precision tools with which exact lengths of cable sheathing can be stripped – without damaging individual conductors. Reliable, durable and precise, Weidmüller’s AM 16 and AMF 6/10 sheath stripping tools are said to surpass demands placed on these types of tools available to date.

The AM 16 is described as particularly compact and easy to handle, which means it is useful for use in confined spaces such as cable ducts. Furthermore, the AM 16 is suitable for performing sequential stripping tasks. The AMF 6/10 has been specially designed for flat cables: easy to handle and precise setting of the cutting depth are distinguishing features of this tool.

The space available in cable shafts, on cable trays, in cable ducts or in power distribution systems is generally quite cramped, with manoeuvrability very restricted. Tools presently available on the market generally require quite a large operating radius, which can lead to problems when stripping the cable sheath. For this reason, Weidmüller developed the new sheath stripping tools within its overall FieldPower development concept – the models AM 16 and AMF 6/10.

Round cables

Thanks to its compact design, the model AM 16 for round cables is particularly suitable for physically cramped and restricted working conditions. Its wide guiding aids facilitate considerably more precise incisions in the insulating sheath. As a result, the compact and user-friendly AM 16 is eminently suitable for sequential stripping of cable sheaths. With the AM 16, the insulation can be stripped at any point required on the cable. The AM 16 model is equipped with a pivotable, high-quality blade for both round and longitudinal cuts. Once the initial cut has been made, the insulation is forced apart by grasping tips each fitted with an integrated blade. Thanks to a set-screw, the exact cutting depth as well as the sheath stripping mode of either round or longitudinal cut can be set very easily.

Flat cables

Flat cables are increasingly being utilised – and in power distribution systems in particular. However, no special sheath stripping tool has been available – until now. Weidmüller developed the AMF 6/10 model especially for flat cables. Reducing the risk of injury to a minimum, the removable guide of the AMF 6/10 helps to achieve a straight and consistent cut in the insulating sheath. The AMF 6/10 has been designed for 6mm2 and 10mm2 flat cables. It is possible to strip the cable sheath at any point required. The insulation itself can be split open either on the surface or on the edges. Users simply break open the cut insulation using the integrated blade. Meeting the most stringent requirements, the two-piece construction consists of a sheath stripping tool and a specially designed clamp. This allows the cutting depth of the blade to be set individually to suit the insulation. Holding the tool in the clamp prevents the blade setting from being inadvertently altered.

Weidmüller placed a great deal of importance on an ergonomic design of its sheath stripping tools. Users are able to handle the tools efficiently and without any signs of fatigue. Both AM models exemplify consistent high-levels of quality, precise working results, high standards of safety as well as a long service life. With its new sheath stripping tools, the company says it is setting new standards for stripping the sheath from round and flat cables. Weidmüller also offers further professional sheath stripping tools: the models AM 25/ AM 35 for round cables, the model AM 12 for data cables as well as the models CST and CST vario for coaxial cables.

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