Cable connectors and junction boxes are sealed to IP68

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Hylec-APL is introducing a new range of cable connectors and junction boxes that are said to be quick and easy to use. The connectors are sealed to IP68 and offer two-, three- and four-way cable entry connections, including plug sockets and housing for terminals and small PCBs.

The fully approved all-weather Teetube, Teebox and Teeplug series are being promoted exclusively by Hylec-APL and are available from national UK stockists and direct to distributors and contactors from Hylec-APL. There is a range of sizes and colours available to accommodate common round cable sizes, and oval seal adapters are available for flat cables.

Teetubes can also be supplied in transparent polycarbonate; just as tough as non-transparent models, they offer the luxury of being able to check the wire connections without having to disassemble the unit - whcih is especially important when working in wet conditions or outdoors. The products are high quality, well finished and aesthetically pleasing.

Hylec-APL says the units are suitable for use in most outdoor applications from lighting systems to fans, pumps, air conditioning, refrigeration equipment and LV power distribution for commercial and domestic premises. The company provides free impartial advice and product samples to help ensure the right connection is made every time.

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