Rugged connectors for industrial and other harsh applications

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Rugged connectors for industrial and other harsh applicationsITT Interconnect Solutions is extending its range of APD connectors designed for industrial, off-road and transportation applications. Able to withstand intense vibration, moisture (eg engine, transmission and brake fluids) and harsh environmental conditions, the new APD 19-way circular plastic connector is rugged and reliable. It is suitable for electronic control systems, junction boxes, cabin firewalls, brake control units, transmission and motor control units, and chassis lighting, as well as hybrid/fuel cell applications and industrial motion control systems.

The fundamental difference between the new 19-position APD connector and other devices in the APD connector family is the secondary contact locking mechanism that provides increased reliability. No special contact removal tool other than a screwdriver is required to unlock the secondary locking insert. This makes the new connectors very easy to assemble in the field. The APD 19-way connector also features an audible click when locked, along with up to four different key and colour codings to avoid mis-mating.

Meeting DIN 72585 and IP69(K) requirements, the APD 19-way connector comes in plug, flange and jam nut designs. Supplemental accessories are available, including a straight and 90-degree endbell for shrouded/corrugated tubes, which can be used in all plug, flange and jam nut versions.

The APD connector features standard APK 16 contacts with a diameter of 0.25mm2 to 1.5mm2 (AWG 22-15) in either tin or gold plating - stamped and formed - as well as machined contacts. All wires are individually sealed, with optional end sealing available upon request. Maximum current is 48V DC and maximum current is 12A at 85degC. The device is designed for a wide operating temperature range of -40 up to +125degC.

APD 19-way connectors can be modified for use with CANbus systems. A 27-way and customer-specific versions are available upon request.

30 June 2008

ITT Interconnect Solutions (ITT ICS)visit website
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