Prismatic oil level indicator makes inspection easier

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Oil level indication is a vital part of any system and requires a quick and simple checking procedure. A quick visual sight check during other regular maintenance would be preferable. However, oil reservoirs are often placed in awkward locations where lighting may be poor and viewing angles less than head-on. The Elesa range of prismatic oil level indicators addresses these problems.

The HFTX.PR is a new threaded-body indicator with a clear domed prismatic lens in a single-piece moulding. This provides a magnification effect with viewing possible from the side and confers additional ruggedness in service.

Elesa's HFTX.PR prismatic oil level indicator comes in hexagonal format from 9-25mm diameter with an NBR synthetic rubber sealing ring. It is resistant to solvents, oils with additions, greases, acids and alkali. Threaded fixings are from G1/4 to G1. Further information on Elesa products may be found at

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