Portescap nuvoDisc flat brushless DC miniature motors

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Delta Line Europe is now offering the innovative nuvoDisc family of flat brushless DC miniature motors from Portescap. With a small footprint (32mm diameter and 11.7mm length), the nuvoDisc is packed with standard features that offer performance and quality-of-use benefits to device manufacturers and end-users, including superior continuous speed, quick design integration and mechanical installation, plus the motors benefit from high reliability as there are no brushes to wear and the ball bearings provide excellent life. Furthermore, as a result of the slotless no-cogging design, the nuvoDisc exhibits minimal vibration.

Engineered specifically for markets where miniaturisation is key, nuvoDisc motors are suitable for space-constrained applications such as portable respirators and barcode scanners.

A high-speed slotless design eliminates cogging to provide smoother operation and better accuracy for maintaining a stable speed compared with conventional miniature flat motors. In addition, the nuvoDisc motors eliminate the bulk and limited portability that are inherent in some other types of DC motor.

A slotted design is available for applications that require detent torque, such as damper control in the HVAC industry.

Over 75 per cent shorter and 90 per cent lighter than conventional flat motors, Portescap's nuvoDisc units offer engineers even greater ability to miniaturise their applications without compromising performance.

Offering speeds of up to 50,000rev/min and mechanical power outputs of up to 30W (10mNm of maximum continuous output torque), the nuvoDisc motors deliver what is claimed to be the highest efficiency among all miniature DC motors.

Moreover, nuvoDisc motors reduce power supply requirements by drawing less current, which minimises generated heat.

Jim Munley, Business Unit Director for Brushless DC Technologies at Portescap, comments: "This product is the result of years of experience in the respirator and barcode reader industries, and is engineered to bring benefits to OEMs and end-users alike.

"Manufacturers and marketers of battery-powered portable and handheld devices will benefit from a smaller, lighter and high-efficiency solution resulting in a significant competitive advantage over conventional flat motor technologies.

"Similarly, end-users will benefit from superior comfort and improved portability, while having greater peace of mind resulting from increased efficiency and smoother operation."

The nuvoDisc motors complement Portescap's brushless DC motor family that encompasses the 16mm BH, 22mm BH, and the 30mm BH brushless DC motors in various stack lengths.

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