Parker P70 valves boost vehicle efficiency and versatility

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Parker P70 valves boost vehicle efficiency and versatilityParker Hannifin's latest range of modular directional control valves is designed specifically to improve the operational efficiency and versatility of mobile equipment, such as lorry cranes, refuse vehicles, excavators and forklifts. The P70 valves can also help to reduce fuel consumption, while improving safety, repeatability and reliability.

These high-performance P70 pressure-compensating spool valves are said to offer exceptional levels of efficiency and accuracy by minimising pressure drop and heat generation across the valve. This results in more consistent control of mobile equipment and can lead to a significant reduction in fuel consumption and operating costs.

Parker claims that the P70 valves have a best-in-class flow density, delivering maximum recommended flows rates of 70l/min; they are also able to withstand system pressures of up to 350 bar. The stackable valve modules can be supplied in combinations of one to ten spool sections, with manifold sections also available for added flexibility. Furthermore, the valves can be remotely controlled electrically, pneumatically, or hydraulically.

The valves are robustly constructed for use in aggressive environments, while their compact dimensions enable maximum functionality even where space is limited. Each of the valves features housings with machined land edges, offering repeatable control of downstream devices, particularly during simultaneous operation.

Three versions are available, including the P70CF with an open centre for fixed pumps, the P70CP with a closed centre for variable-displacement pumps, and the P70LS with a closed centre and load sensing signal.

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