Pneumatic valves comply with ISO 15407 and ISO 5599

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Pneumatic valves comply with ISO 15407 and ISO 5599Parker Hannifin is launching a new platform for its ISO standard pneumatic valves, which has been developed to enable customers to source common and high-quality products quickly and easily for use across a wide range of applications. Based on Parker's existing Isomax and Isys valve technology, the new ISO Global Valve Platform complies with the ISO 15407 and ISO 5599 standards, while offering OEMs and end users a number of important operating and performance benefits.

In particular, the new valve platform gives design and production engineers the ability to standardise on common products, to simplify system design and construction, minimise maintenance costs and reduce stock and spares holdings.

Parker's new ISO Global Valve Platform covers ISO valve sizes 01, 02, 1, 2 and 3, with common mounting, pneumatic and electrical configurations. Perhaps as importantly, the latest Isomax and Isys valve technology can be used with both air and inert gasses and is claimed to provide a far higher level of reliability, functionality and operating life than many competing products. For example, Isomax valves incorporate a specially developed ceramic-coated spool arrangement that is virtually free of stiction to give fast response times and high rates of flow from compact units, all while maintaining a small footprint. In addition, they have been developed to give a typical operating life in excess of 100 million operations, with a tough yet lightweight polyamide-reinforced fibreglass and aluminium body and casing, which can be supplied with bottom- or side-ported manifolds and sub-bases.

Lower power consumption

Similarly, the latest modular Isys valves are small and compact, combining exceptional pneumatics performance, with 20 per cent less power consumption and far lower breakaway forces than competing products. They also feature a wear compensation system for the spool seals, plus integrated serial bus communications, with quick-fit latching mechanisms to enable valve, I/O and communication modules to be installed on common manifold units without the need for the extra connector plates that are typically required with ISO valves from other manufacturers.

All products in the new Parker ISO Global Valve Platform can be supplied in a variety of configurations and with a wide choice of options, including different solenoids, pilot valves and overrides. They are backed by the company's worldwide network of manufacturing and customer support centres.

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