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Yokogawa Electric Corporation is releasing the DXAdvanced R3 data acquisition and display station for networks, which is an enhanced version of the Daqstation series of paperless recorders.

The new products feature a customising function for the display and a recording function - by facility or batch - to provide excellent operability and easy data management for efficient monitoring of production lines.

In recent years, paperless recorders have become the main method of recording measurement data to electronic media in industrial processes or on production lines. Compared with traditional paper-based recorders, they offer improved efficiency, reduced maintenance requirements and the ability to process and analyse stored data. In addition, there is a growing emphasis on monitoring operational data and stored historical data in the production environment. For these reasons, an important criterion when purchasing a recorder is whether the necessary data can be easily viewed.

Production environments

Factory automation often involves batch production, and operational data needs to be acquired and monitored on the same basis. For processes involving multiple devices, a recorder must be connected to each device and data acquired accordingly, even though the use of multi-channel recorders is increasing. As a result, to manage data for the entire production line, data must be acquired from each recorder, a laborious and time-consuming process.

Yokogawa has enhanced the functionality of the DXAdvanced data acquisition and display station to address these challenges and improve the efficiency of the monitoring process in the production environment.

A paperless recorder with a built-in panel, the DXAdvanced offers integrated display, recording and communication functions. Two models are available: one with a 5.5inch LCD panel and up to 12 input channels, and the other with a 10.4inch LCD panel and up to 48 input channels.

With the new display customising function, various screens such as trend display and bar charts can be placed to suit the user's requirements. Displaying the data on virtual plant diagrams makes it easier to grasp the data intuitively.

The new multi-batch function means that data is acquired independently from each process, and data acquisition can be started and stopped on each channel. This enables users to acquire data independently for each process on a single DXAdvanced by allocating the channels to the particular processes to be managed.

Profibus and Ethernet

Designed for an open system environment, the products conform to the Profibus-DP1 and Ethernet/IP2 standards for industrial communication protocols. This facilitates the development of multi-vendor systems using these protocols as a common interface when connecting to devices such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs) or temperature controllers.

Major target markets for the new products are production sites in industries such as electric power, petrochemical, chemical, iron and steel, pulp and paper, food, pharmaceutical, water and wastewater as well as OEMs and equipment manufacturers.

Applications include the recording and monitoring of parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow or chemical composition in manufacturing processes.

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