Parker launches Oilcheck hand-held oil condition monitor

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Parker launches Oilcheck hand-held oil condition monitorParker Hannifin has developed an innovative, hand-held oil condition monitor to take the guesswork out of oil changes, thereby helping to save money and time. The Oilcheck is designed to increase engine performance and life by providing an early warning of critical oil contamination levels, and preventing impending engine failures.

The portable battery-powered device makes accurate oil condition monitoring simple. A clean oil sample is placed in the Oilcheck's sensor well and the test button pressed to set the instrument to zero. The device is then cleaned out with a degreaser and a contaminated oil sample used, producing a new numerical reading on the LCD display and showing a positive or negative change in dielectrics. This reading can be compared against the green/amber/red efficiency scale for fast and simple results.

Combining easy-to-use functionality and the ability to be carried around in a pocket, the Oilcheck is suitable for fleet owners, garages and DIY mechanics. This low-cost device for analysing the quality of oil removes the need for guesswork and provides accurate, repeatable results that can have a significant effect on engine life.

Suitable for use with all mineral and synthetic-based oils, Oilcheck is versatile. The portable device measures just 250 x 95 x 34, weighs 0.4kg and has a battery life of over 150 hours or 3000 tests.

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