New 32-channel digital programmable threshold I/O module

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Pickering Interfaces is expanding its range of PXI modules with the introduction of the 40-412 32-Channel Digital Programmable Threshold I/O Module.

Serving as high- or low-side drivers, the 40-412 provides 32 channels of digital output lines. Each channel is capable of sourcing 0.4A or sinking 0.5A at voltages up to 50V and has protection circuits that prevent over-voltage, over-current or thermal overloads from occurring. Software interlocks prevent the high-side and low-side drivers on a channel from being operated at the same time, but the module allows each channel to be independently selected for high- or low-side driving.

When high-side driving is used the source voltage is supplied by the user to multiple pins on the module's robust D-Type connector.

Providing 32 channels of independent digital inputs with a dual variable logic threshold, the 40-412 permits users to detect when an input is in a low state, an intermediate state or a high state from a single read operation. The high input impedance ensures minimal loading on the digital inputs. A single command allows users to capture sequentially the status of all 32 input channels

For applications requiring the read back of an output driver state, users can connect the digital input and digital outputs together in a cable assembly or connector block. Pickering Interfaces provides a full range of connectivity options to support the 40-412.

David Owen, Business Development Manager for Pickering Interfaces, says: "The availability of high- and low-side drivers and digital inputs in a single module is ideal for applications where a common test platform is required to test a variety of UUT's. The 40-412 provides a unique mixture of high voltage and current capability combined with variable threshold input state detection in a compact 3U single slot format. This will appeal to users testing general-purpose digital circuitry as well as those requiring the ability to drive external loads, such as relay coils and solenoids, without risk of damage to the driver under fault conditions and to read back the state of drive lines on the UUT."

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19 January 2009

Pickering Interfaces Ltdvisit website
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