Software distributes device descriptions based on EDDL

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PI (Profibus and Profinet International) is providing its members with two new powerful software components for distributing device descriptions based on EDDL. These include an EDD import library, which supports the development of IEC-compatible EDDs for Profibus PA devices, and an interpreter software for these EDDs for use in engineering tools.

Device descriptions based on the EDDL technology are widely used in process automation. The EDD import library is an IEC-compatible library of basic elements that can be used for efficient development of EDDs for Profibus PA devices. The scope of delivery of the EDD import library also includes the source text files and corresponding documentation with implementation instructions. PI member companies can download the EDD import library free of charge from the PI website at

An interpreter software tool is available immediately for processing EDDs in PC-based tools. The interfaces are disclosed and documented where necessary so as to allow easy integration into tools from different suppliers. The scope of delivery includes the object code of the core interpreter software, a sample client in source code and the required documentation.

The EDD interpreter is also integrated in the testing system for certification of Profibus products, which handles testing of the EDDs.

Usage licenses are granted based on standard contracts. For more information contact the PI Support Centre at .

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