SMC launches compact Series CQU plate-type cylinder

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One of the challenges faced by machine builders is the repeated request for smaller and more compact machines. In many cases this challenge is not too difficult to achieve, but often major size reductions are restricted by the performance of the components used in construction.

SMC Pneumatics is very much aware of these issues, and its new Series CQU compact plate-type cylinder meets this challenge, with both power- and space-saving performance.

Designed for use in general automation application, the CQU range offers the best performance features of SMC's popular Series MU plate cylinder and Series CQ2 compact cylinders in one exceptionally small plate cylinder body.

Thanks to the development of a patented elliptical retaining ring, which eliminates the need for cylinder end caps, Series CQU cylinders are up to 15 per cent shorter than the MU types, 40 per cent narrower than the CQ2 types and offers a body mass reduction of up to 36 per cent depending on the selected model. A further benefit of this innovative construction is that the CQU range is also claimed to be lighter than any plate cylinder currently in the market.

Suitable for tight pitch mounting applications or where users need to mount a cylinder with a low centre of gravity, Series CQU cylinders can also be used with an external guide. Designed for use with a small auto switch – which can be fitted in four directions – the Series CQU cylinders can also be mounted using vertical, horizontal, foot and double clevis options.

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