Integration of Pepperl+Fuchs intrinsically safe I/O

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Invensys Process Systems (IPS) is teaming up with Pepperl+Fuchs to offer seamless integration of the Pepperl+Fuchs intrinsically safe I/O interface product lines with IPS' I/A Series distributed control system (DCS) technology. With built-in barriers and field connections, the integrated modules are claimed to be the lowest-cost, smallest-footprint and easiest-to-maintain option for mounting I/O modules in hazardous locations, and are certified for Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous environments. Such tight integration provides users with a transparent interface from which they can set up, configure and maintain intrinsic safety using standard I/A Series tools.

Betty Naylor-McDevitt, IPS Director of DCS Business, says: "Our clients are looking for proven, cost-effective ways to prevent disasters in hazardous environments, not simply contain them. Traditional explosion-proof cabinets are too costly to install and maintain, and our clients need reliable equipment that is easier to maintain and has a smaller footprint. This is the perfect solution."

Seamless integration of IPS' and Pepperl+Fuchs' technologies has many benefits for users. Because the intrinsically safe modules are hot-swappable without a hot work permit, maintenance is easier and safer and availability is high thanks to built-in redundancy in communication modules, power supplies and bus interfaces. IPS offers the product on Hart-capable modules so I/A series system users can manage intrinsically safe operation of any vendor's Hart field devices. And because integration with I/A Series technology also brings compatibility with IPS' FDT-based Field Device Manager, users can set up, commission and maintain smart devices within a common engineering environment.

Karsten Fischer, Pepperl+Fuchs Global Account Manager for Invensys, says: "We are impressed by how efficiently the IPS and Pepperl+Fuchs teams worked together to create a seamless integration of our products. I/A Series system users will experience and appreciate the ease of setting up and configuring the Intrinsically Safe equipment using standard I/A Series tools. They will incur less Capex [capital expenditure] while experiencing the same superior performance and without jeopardising safety or needing to invest in expensive explosion-proof cabinets."

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18 May 2009

Invensys Process Systems (IPS)visit website
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