New range of high-power, high-speed microstepping drives

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New range of high-power, high-speed microstepping drivesA new range of high-power, high-speed microstepping drives, delivering up to 13Nm of holding torque from a 320V DC bus, is now available from Mclennan Servo Supplies. The increased bus voltage on the STAC6, from USA-based Applied Motion Products, effectively extends the power range of stepper drive technology and includes additional features that together derive improved performance from today's stepper motors.

The packaged drives are aimed at applications where the simplicity and comparatively lower cost of stepper motor control can replace servomotor positioning. Available in choice of S, Si and Q control versions covering simple step-and-direction, GUI-based programming and host control with optional encoder following for multi-axis motion, the fully protected STAC6 series drive stage features advanced 20kHz PWM current control with anti-resonance, torque ripple smoothing and waveform damping control algorithms - with programmable microstepping emulation to 50,800 steps/rev for smooth dynamic performance.

Each control option offers self-test and auto-setup for straightforward installation and the range is available with a choice of direct-on-line single-phase power ratings for 94-135V AC delivering a 165V DC bus, and 94-265V AC input voltage for a 320V DC bus.

Compatible motors

For such a high bus voltage, correct motor selection is imperative and the STAC6 series is available with laboratory tested and matched NEMA 23 and 34 frame stepper motors, with performance information and selection advice available from Mclennan. Depending on the motor characteristics, the drives may also be used to boost the performance of other manufacturers' motors and improve existing performance-limited applications without replacing the motor.

The Applied Motion Products range also covers intelligent servo and medium-power stepper drives that utilise the S, Q and Si control options. Each control option includes a selection of I/O and a feature capability that ranges from basic pulse-and-direction control to multi-tasking software with conditional programming and maths functions. All drive technologies may be mixed-and-matched with respective controls to suit the application; this flexibility can be extended further for multi-axis host control or standalone control with the SiNET Hub, which allows up to four or eight S, Q, or Si drives to be configured, programmed and then networked with a PC, PLC or HMI in host or standalone modes.

31 October 2008

Mclennan Servo Supplies Ltdvisit website
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