Versatile laser scanners avoid false signals

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Versatile laser scanners avoid false signalsSick is introducing the new LMS100 series of laser sensors with high-accuracy sensing and minimal errors for security, safety and presence detection both indoors and outdoors. The company expects the LMS100 series to make a significant impact on the laser sensor market due to its ability to avoid false signals, broad usability and competitive price.

Double-pulse evaluation technology enables the LMS100 sensors to eliminate distracting minor beam reflections such as from rain or fine water spray, or dust on the sensor surface, and they can even be mounted behind glass. The LMS100 is even effective through heavy airborne particles, such as sawdust sprays from woodcutting machinery, which improves its usability considerably.

LMS100 series laser scanners are compact, with a short-to-medium range of up to 20m and wide 270degree detection fields. They eliminate the need for transmitter/sensor pairs and the expense of associated wiring, are easy to mount and configure on site, and can be precisely configured for up to 10 defined fields.

Sick's LMS100 is rated to IP65 for long, reliable life in indoor applications, including factory and industrial environments and vehicle-mounted requirements. The LMS120 has similar specifications but is designed specifically for security applications, with high-accuracy field definition. Both are very compact and light for unobtrusive mounting where required; housings rated for use in hazardous areas are also available.

The LMS111 is protected to IP67 and is designed for outdoor use in harsh environments including highways, docks and harbours. It is suitable for presence detection duties such as sensing stationary or moving vehicles, and on external security and protection.

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