Improved threadlocking adhesives are more oil-tolerant

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Improved threadlocking adhesives are more oil-tolerantHenkel has improved the formulations of two of its most popular threadlocking adhesives to meet the requirements of engineers and designers and to facilitate the threadlockers' use on a wider selection of substrates.

Medium-strength Loctite 243 and high-strength Loctite 270 are now more oil-tolerant than previous grades, enabling them to be used more readily on 'as received' parts – including those contaminated with engine oils, corrosion-prevention oils and cutting fluids. Their temperature resistance is increased to 180degC and the adhesives will cure not only on active substrates - such as iron, copper, brass and steel - but also on passive materials including:

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium
  • Nickel- and zinc-plated surfaces and chrome-free, inorganic and organic coatings

Colin Chapman, Marketing Manager at Henkel, states: "It is part of our ongoing strategy to both anticipate and meet the requirements of engineers throughout industry. The introduction of these two improved products permits engineers to employ top-quality anaerobic threadlocking adhesives in a much broader range of applications than has been previously possible."

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