Electro-hydraulic controller for multi-axis applications

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Electro-hydraulic controller for multi-axis applicationsParker Hannifin is launching the new Compax3F electro-hydraulic controller with integrated PLC functionality. Designed to help engineers increase productivity and machine performance, the control features optimised force/pressure control, controller pre-setting for closed-loop position control, an updated valve library with the latest Parker valves, and a multi-axis tool supported by a comprehensive database of multi-axis applications.

The Compax3F is said to be particularly suitable for applications such as die casting, metal forming, blow moulding and tube bending. Up to 31 motion profiles can be selected, including absolute/relative position, force/pressure control, positioning or electronic gearing, with the controller providing synchronous running for up to two hydraulic axes, including replacement for NC 100 axis in new projects.

With absolute/relative positioning, for example, a motion set defines a complete group of motions by target position, speed, maximum acceleration, maximum deceleration and maximum jerk. In the case of dynamic positioning, a new profile can be selected during a positioning sequence. All motion parameters will be set valid, with a smooth transition taking place from one profile to the next.

Synchronous operation

Electronic gearing allows synchronous operation of a second hydraulic axis with a transmission ratio 1:1 from a single Compax3F, or synchronous operation of a master axis with any transmission ratio from multiple Compax3F units. Each Compax3F also offers reg-related positioning where two motions are defined: RegSearch, which involves the search of an external signal such as a registration mark on a product, and RegMove, where the external signal interrupts the search movement.

No programming skills are required, as the controller uses a simplified configuration setup menu, enabling engineers to select program sequences from profile tables that are easy to parameterise. Common closed-loop controls - such as position, force/pressure or velocity - can be chosen, as well as synchronous run or electronic gearing. An extensive toolbox containing numerous functions also helps to reduce commissioning time to a minimum.

Parker says the Compax3F offers higher product quality due to optimised processes, simplified commissioning by means of menu-driven software, and quick installation. A new force/pressure controller enables force to be controlled with control valves or variable-displacement pumps, and speed feedback for moving elements such as cylinders. Additional Ethernet fieldbus functionality is provided, with an EtherCAT interface for technology functions T30 and T40. Technology function T30 provides programmable motion control complying with IEC 61131-3, while Technology function T40 adds electronic cam functions including a cam switching mechanism, cam profiles, cam memory and CamDesigner.

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