Portescap Athlonix brushed DC motors for consistent performance

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Portescap Athlonix brushed DC motors for consistent performanceNew Portescap Athlonix brushed DC motors are compact, high-efficiency, endurance motors that are claimed to deliver unrivalled speed-to-torque performance with output powers of up to 9W. They are available in 12, 16 and 22mm frame sizes.

A typical 22mm coreless motor operating at a high load of 15mNm for 5000 hours can suffer performance degradation due to the thermal heat it generates, while at the same time having less power available and reduced energy efficiency due to a higher motor regulation factor.

Athlonix motors, however, are said to have motor regulation factors that are 5-20 per cent lower than most comparable motors, resulting in consistent power density over the life of the motors. As a result, they are highly suitable for automation applications such as medical analysers and electronic assembly requiring constant pick-and-place operations during machining, assembly and inspection.

This endurance, high performance and energy efficiency also creates opportunities for enhanced medical pumps, secure door locks, watch winding mechanisms, robotics and many other applications.

A brochure is available for the Portescap Athlonix brushed DC motors on the Delta Line website.

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