BIW field-attachable Packer Feedthru System

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BIW field-attachable Packer Feedthru SystemA new BIW field-attachable Packer Feedthru System from ITT Interconnect Solutions is claimed to provide a faster method of passing power cables through packers. Consisting of a field-attachable feedthru connector, a mating attachable cable connector, a cross-over adapter and related hardware, this new system enables the connector to be installed on the top side of a packer using a cross-over adapter, thereby eliminating the need for splicing of downhole cables.

Potential stress on the cable is eliminated because the packer feedthru includes a completely variable threaded adjustment system that allows vertical adjustment of up to 76mm (3inches). When appropriate, it is possible to install the termination contacts on the cable conductors before the cable is passed through the packer. This may reduce the amount of work an installer is required to carry out in a vertical position over an open well.

Electrical specifications include: voltage ratings of 5000V AC; 140A current; pressure up to 5000psig; and maximum conductor temperature of 175degC (350degF). The field-attachable packer feedthru system has a maximum diameter of 66.04mm (2.6in), length above the packer with round cable is 672-748mm (26.4-29.5in), and with flat cable 772-848mm( 30.4-33.4in).

18 November 2009

ITT Interconnect Solutions (ITT ICS)visit website
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