Plastic connectors for lower-specification military applications

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Plastic connectors for lower-specification military applicationsITT Interconnect Solutions' APD circular connector family, originally designed to meet the automotive norm DIN 72585 (now ISO 15170), can now be used for certain wheeled armoured vehicle applications if military specifications are not required. These connectors are described as lightweight, cost-effective and easy to assemble, plus they offer the additional security of a secondary locking system for high pin counts.

Traditionally, military and defence applications have always used rugged, metal connectors with full military qualification. However, the need to reduce government spending has partially opened this market for non-military type components, as not all military vehicles need the same level of reliability. Wheeled armoured vehicles, which are mainly used for troop transporting, are a good example: while the inner frame incorporates weaponry, radio or drive control - which still requires a 'military connector' - other applications such as lighting and mirrors or functions such as cooling and heating can accept less expensive and lighter plastic connectors.

ITT's APD circular plastic connectors handle up to 48V and are readily available in a wide range of layouts from 1-51 ways with features such as high resistance to vibration, resistance to fluids, and protection to IP67 or IP69K. Specified to ISO 15170, they are available with stamped or machined contacts and both mechanical coding and colour coding.

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17 February 2010

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