Snap-on and ultrasonic PCMCIA I/O kits with choice of options

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PC card manufacturers and design engineers need a broad range of PCMCIA connector and cover sets for today's diverse applications ranging from notebook computers to security devices. ITT Interconnect Solutions reports that it introduced the first PCMCIA frameless ultrasonic weld cover set in 1998 and the StarCard Snappy advanced snap-to-close cover set in 2005. In accordance with its quest to provide expertise and leading-edge capabilities to design engineers, ITT ICS has now developed two new PCMCIA I/O kits - snap-on and ultrasonic - each available with a range of options and customisable features for maximum design flexibility.

The company's new snap-fit PCMCIA kit consists of a pair of robust mechanically-assembled stainless steel card covers that provide the PC card with both torsional stiffness and excellent shock protection. The ultrasonic kit has a plastic cover that is welded around the PC card ultrasonically to create a solid protective shell. Both the snap-fit kit and the ultrasonic kits are secure and tamper-proof.

Further features common to both kits are standard card end closure mouldings and the ability to accommodate specialised end caps or extension box designs. The robust 68-pin connector can withstand more than 10,000 mating cycles and, to suit the widest possible range of uses, multiple connector off-set options are available. Kits can be supplied with or without cardbus features. High-volume production tooling is available on request.

Both ITT ICS' PCMCIA I/O kits meet all Type I and Type II specifications, as well as providing EMI shielding. They meet PCMCIA and JEIDA standards and are fully RoHS-compliant.

More details are available in an Application Note that is freely downloadable from:

17 March 2010

ITT Interconnect Solutions (ITT ICS)visit website
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