On-line detector monitors quality of hydraulic fluid

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Parker Hannifin is introducing an on-line detector to provide continuous monitoring and early warning of particle contamination in hydraulic fluid systems, thereby cutting the cost of maintenance, repair and overhaul. The iCountPD is described as compact, simple to install and easy to use for maximising the productivity and extending the operating life of equipment in many industrial applications.

The innovative device uses laser particle detection technology to produce repeatable and reproducible results, and is calibrated to international standards. Users are alerted to low, medium and high contamination levels via an LED or digital display so that the necessary action can be taken quickly before system degradation or failure occurs. Optionally, the instrument can also be fitted with a further LED for moisture detection.

Compact and robust, the iCountPD is suitable for use in a wide range of factory and industrial applications. It can be installed or retrofitted quickly and simply, providing a cost-effective method of improving the productivity of fluid systems. The device has a minimum sample time of 3 seconds, can be used at flow rates from 10-160ml/min and at line pressures from 2-420bar.

Connection to plant automation and process control systems is easy due to a wide range of output options that include LAN, RS232 and CANbus connectivity, 4-20mA and 0-5V analogue outputs, and relay contacts that can switch 5A at up to 24V DC. The iCountPD also offers simple integration with existing plant via M16 test points, making fast and accurate cleanliness monitoring of lubricants and similar fluids more affordable and accessible than ever.

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