Flexi Soft Designer v1.3 links up to four controllers over 100m

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Flexi Soft Designer v1.3 links up to four controllers over 100mSick (UK) is launching Flexi Soft Designer v1.3, the latest version of its software for configuring the versatile Flexi Soft Controller. This software upgrade provides for more extensive and flexible control of safety applications for smal to medium-sized machines. In particular, Flexi Soft Designer v1.3 enables up to four Flexi Soft Controllers to be connected in series, over distances of up to 100m, with an online view of the set-up.

As well as controlling a greatly extended series of sensor function inputs and outputs, the Flexi Soft Designer makes updating and reconfiguring new safety tasks simple and quick. Flexi Soft Designer enables users to document the software with functional descriptions that are stored locally on the Flexi Controller. The reports from the software also enable users to document the project according to the requirements of BS EN ISO 13849-1.

New logic blocks

Flexi Soft Designer v1.3 ensures faster and simpler set-up and configuration to enhance safety and minimise the possibility of errors being made. The ten new logic blocks include a ramp-down monitor and access to more features of Sick laser scanners and light curtains than is available in standalone equipment; fast shut-off, with integrated bypass, and an adjustable ON/OFF delay, ensure that response times are minimised to 8ms, thereby reducing safety distances and the machine footprint.

The new integral test tool and data recorder functions allow rapid system configuration/commissioning/testing and instant data recording for troubleshooting and verification, without the need for third-party software. Input, output and wiring diagrams are now displayed graphically, providing a complete system overview for validation and to minimise errors.

Sick's Flexi Soft modular safety controller has been designed, from the outset, for easy combination of function modules to meet the exact needs of a wide range of machinery safety applications. The intuitive Designer software, in its enhanced v1.3 release, ensures it meets the demands of modern production safety.

Iain Keetley-Smith, an integration technology product specialist with Sick (UK), comments: "The Flexi Soft safety controller has been incredibly popular since its launch in September 2008. The new Designer v1.3 enables even greater functionality, and versatility, and is set to be in high demand by system integrators."

Flexi Soft Designer v1.3 will be available as a free download, from, as of September 2010. It will also be exhibited in the Plant and Machinery Safety Zone, which is part of the Health and Safety '10 – North exhibition, which takes place at the Reebock Stadium in Bolton on 13/14 October 2010.

For more information on the Sick Flexi Soft Designer v3.1, please contact Ann Attridge () or Andrea Hornby (), or telephone +44 (0)1727 831121.

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