Standard components for food processing machinery

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Standard components for food processing machineryElesa (UK) now has a full range of standard components for food processing machinery, including levelling feet, digital shaft position indicators, digital-analogue position indicators, hinges, brackets and rod-type mounting systems for opto-sensors, cameras and other devices. Many of these utilise stainless steel or plastic components with smooth contour designs that facilitate easy cleaning, as well as eliminating the risk of corrosion in aggressive environments.

The DD52R position indicator is an ultrasonically welded, shaft-mounted unit that is offered with stainless steel bushings and a clear digital readout. These lowered, direct-drive digital position indicators are mounted on 'passing-through' spindles in any position to give a direct reading of the positioning of a machine component. They are also suitable for motor-driven applications.

Similarly the IP67 GW12 digital-analogue gravity position indicators provide a digital position readout from the end of a shaft, with an analogue last digit dial.

The Elesa MSR.60 system of profile rod clamps is suitable for positioning small assemblies, such as for mounting side guards on conveyors, mounting microswitches/stops, cameras and accessories on powered assembly lines or large machines. This system features a standard length, multi-splined aluminium profile of 13mm diameter that is linked with precision thermoplastic elements, including a twin-bolted base unit with tilt function, and the ability to mount the device in any orientation. Externally splined arms are linked by matching internally splined right-angle clamps, and there are four types of mounting flange for installation of equipment.

Conveyor components

Elesa's range of standard conveyor system components is aimed at making life easier for manufacturers of conveyor systems, transfer lines and specialist machines; the Flexible Automation Components package is highly appropriate for processing and food packaging applications. This range comprises high-quality feet, connectors and guide rail brackets in glass-reinforced technopolymer to suit industry-standard tubes of 42mm (1.25inch), 48mm (1.5inch) and 60mm (2inch).

Feet are two- or three-legged, guide rail brackets are fixed or adjustable, and other components include bearing heads, joint connectors and top brackets to enable complete systems or one off assemblies to be constructed quickly and easily.

The LMRS levelling feet are manufactured in stainless steel (AISI 303/304) and are designed to shed liquids downward. They are excellent for levelling equipment used in food processing, abattoirs and other hygiene-sensitive applications. In addition, the low sulphur content of materials used in the LMRS, together with design features such as a convex base with sleeved bolt, are particularly significant in the food industry. An adjustable sleeve covers the threaded stem, and other sharp edges and corners have been largely avoided, thereby increasing the efficiency of power cleaning measures.

Note also that the base incorporates a vulcanised NBR rubber (perbunan) non-slip disc in a large-area pad to spread the equipment's weight and aid stability. LMRS levelling feet come in sizes from 60-100mm diameter with load capacities of 21,000N to 27,000N. M16 to M24 studs are available.

The CMM-SST lay-on stainless steel hinges are designed for use on doors, panels and cases in the food and pharmaceutical industries, with features such as corrosion resistance and an easy-clean electro-polished finish. These ruggedly styled hinges come in 40-60mm sizes, making them suitable for small enclosure doors and large access panels or cabinet doors. Operation offers opening of 180degrees and up to 270degrees where installation permits.

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