Miniature incremental encoder in analogue and digital variants

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Miniature incremental encoder in analogue and digital variantsA compact and durable incremental micro encoder, capable of 100,000 counts per rev with a bandwidth up 16 MHz, is available from Mclennan Servo Supplies. The new Ulthemius Micro Encoder from NUMERIK JENA is just 16mm in diameter, and with a nominal length of less than 20mm, weighs under 12 grams. The encoder is also available in an optional analogue version with a sine/cosine output to 1250 periods/rev, and thanks to its highly integrated design both output types include UVW commutation signals for 4-, 6- or 8-poles - so can provide a neat solution for cost-optimised OEM applications for servo motion control.

The Ulthemius uses specially developed chrome-on-plastic (COP) code disks for extremely low mass and inertia in combination with a sophisticated optical pickup and internal signal conditioning from its integrated interpolation electronics. The self monitoring encoder takes care of phase, amplitude and offset errors and will output error signals before critical system status occurs.

For maximum durability the Ulthemius features an aluminium housing with IP40 or optionally IP50 environmental rating and an impressive shock specification to 100g for 11 ms, with vibration to 10g between 10 Hz and 2000 Hz. The design includes precision bearings with a speed rating to 60,000 rpm. A choice of 16-pin header-style connector or flat cable connection is available. Aimed at pick and place automation, miniature servo motors, scanners, medical devices and direct integration into linear and rotary positioning stages, the encoder can provide sub-micron resolution output in an extremely small space envelope.

The digital version is available in several standard line count options from 4,000 to 80,000 CPR (after quadrature) with A,B and Z channels via RS422A compatible and short-circuit proof differential line driver outputs. The analogue version offers a 1000 LPR output at 1 Vpp. Both types are available with custom CPR/LPR rates on request.

30 June 2010

Mclennan Servo Supplies Ltdvisit website
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