P1V-S series stainless steel air motors with integral gearhead

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P1V-S series stainless steel air motors with integral gearheadParker Hannifin is launching the P1V-S series air motors. These stainless steel motors are said to provide a hygienic, efficient and cost-effective alternative to conventional AC and DC electrical motors in food-grade, medical and chemical applications - or, indeed, any application where there is a risk of corrosion. The P1V-S series has been specifically developed to improve the performance, productivity and profitability of a wide range of industrial and process machinery in particularly demanding environments, including those where it is impractical or unsafe to use electric motors.

Based on a simple but extremely reliable design, Parker's P1V-S series air motors are compact, lightweight and capable of providing an exceptionally long operating life. The air motor and planetary gear are built into a polished stainless steel housing, which is sealed by a fluor-rubber O-ring to prevent the ingress of moisture, debris and other particulate contamination. Cleanliness is enhanced still further by the cylindrical shape of the air motors, as there are no pockets in which dirt or bacteria can accumulate, while a further O-ring seals the two halves of the air motor body.

Equally, the P1V-S series has been developed to operate at intermittent intervals under non-lubrication conditions, meaning that no particles of lubricant can escape with the exhaust air, thereby further reducing service costs and requirements. In addition, the planetary gear is lubricated with a USDA-H1 standard grease that is approved for use in food-grade applications.

Operating characteristics

Featuring Parker's proven vane rotor construction, the air motors produce optimum levels of power and torque and, as the vanes are spring-mounted into the rotor, they form a consistent, low-friction seal against the cylinder wall, giving superior start-up, slow running and high-speed characteristics. In addition, the speed of the motors can easily be adjusted using standard pneumatic flow control valves or pressure regulators located in air inlets. The powered rotor then turns a keyed output shaft, which is connected directly to the inline planetary gearbox.

This simple design makes the P1V-S air motors easy to install and control, with high levels of resistance to vibration, impact and prolonged heavy use. In contrast with electric motors, they are considerably lighter, require minimal maintenance, can continuously be stopped and started, and can be safely overloaded to the point at which they stall. Additionally, the direction of rotation can almost instantly be reversed by changing the direction of air flow through the inlet and exhaust ports.

Parker's P1V-S stainless steel air motors are available in seven different sizes, with powers ranging from 20 to 1200W, and speeds from 5 to 24,000rpm.

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