Accessories ensure safety and security of hydraulic systems

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Accessories ensure safety and security of hydraulic systemsIndustrial and off-road machines are increasingly employing sophisticated hydraulic systems. Elesa has created many simple but ingenious accessories for these high-power hydraulic systems.

Hydraulic-based equipment - from dump trucks and road laying machines to tractors, telehandlers and forestry or military vehicles – operates in extreme conditions and they are also vulnerable to outside interference and damage from both daily operation and vandalism. Elesa's development focus has therefore been on security-oriented accessories aimed at preventing leakage/damage to the hydraulic system – thereby preserving the integrity of the system so as to ensure that it has sufficient clean fluid at all times.

These are safety- and performance-critical components; they also minimise downtime by reducing the likelihood of damage and by simplifying/reducing maintenance requirements.

Such components generally fall into four main categories:

  • Vandal-proof caps – keep dirt out
  • Pressure-relieving caps – keep fluid in
  • Magnetic plugs – keep fluid free from metallic particles
  • Fluid level monitoring and alarms – advise adequate fluid levels

Development examples

Elesa's development technicians work with all relevant EU legislation, European Standards (EN), International Standards (ISO), health and safety requirements and the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) regarding CE marking. In order to do this to the highest level they use a process of virtual product development, featuring computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-integrated manufacture (CIM).

As an example of the work undertaken, developments have addressed the problem of damage to sight glasses on tanks - leading to a shrouded version and an electronic version that enables the gauge to be hidden from view yet provide a clear readout to the operator in the cab. In addition to a visual readout of oil level, the HCX/E column level indicator features AC/DC electronic signal generation when the oil level drops to a minimum.

Fluid tank security can present especially difficult problems where conflicts between security and performance require careful attention – for example, the SFW/VP is a specific development of Elesa's proven SFW series filler/breather caps, complete with overpressure vent and vacuum breaker features (to prevent under-pressure tank collapse in the event of sudden drainage). The innovative vandal-protection design incorporates a special locking key that may be readily kept with vehicle ignition keys. TVD series breather caps address the problems of venting toxic chemical reservoirs and tanks, especially during transit when there is risk of overturning and spillage. They incorporate a vacuum breaker valve threaded to suit a standard 70mm inlet and ensure a complete seal in the event of overturning.

Simple oil level indicators allow rapid condition checks for level and temperature from 0-100degC and column level indicators give volume indications or max/min readings. For high-pressure reservoirs, Elesa now offer the HGFT oil level window that is capable of withstanding up to 3bar. Where high temperature is also a consideration, the HGFT.HT.PR will withstand both 140degC and up to 7bar pressure.

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