Popular options for HepcoMotion PRT2 precision ring and track

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Popular options for HepcoMotion PRT2 precision ring and trackHepcoMotion's PRT2 precision ring and track system may have only been on the market for a short time but it is already changing the way engineers think about implementing circular motion.

A popular option is the new range of single-edge rings with larger gear sizes across the full width of the ring. This enables customers to drive at higher speeds due to the superior driving forces that can now be applied. Size-for-size, compared with the previous double-edge gear-driven ring, the increase in driving force can be as high as eight times, depending on the pinion selected.

Single-edge rings are available up to 874mm diameter; compact and easy to install, they can be driven with a gear either on the inside or outside.

Another popular choice is the expanded range of ring segments, now available in 13 different diameters up to 1.5m. Produced from double-edge rings, typical applications can be seen on tool-changing devices and other applications where movement through an arc is preferable. Segment angles are often 90 degrees but can alternatively be 45, 60, 120 or 180 degrees.

Combined motion

When a segment is linked to a straight slide a 'hockey stick' shaped track can be produced, providing a cost-effective means of achieving combined rotary and linear movement. This concept is now in use by a major German machine tool manufacturer as the guidance element in its tool-changing systems.

HepcoMotion's complete ring and track system has always been a popular choice among designers requiring continuous or indexing motion; however, the new PRT2 options for additional drive components has boosted enquiries. By making available individual components from the successful complete driven track system (DTS), customers are able to create unique designs using standard components.

Drive scrolls, carriage locking system for workstations, support beams, end mounting plates, drive pulleys and many other components can easily be incorporated into most customers' designs. The hours saved in design time by using proven components can be considerable and helps customers complete their projects on time and to budget.

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