SBD 30-100XL sealed belt drive offers higher capacity

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SBD 30-100XL sealed belt drive offers higher capacityHepcoMotion is introducing the SBD 30-100XL sealed belt drive as the latest addition to its Sealed Belt Drive (SBD) linear motion product programme for systems whose main credentials are high loads and long spans. In essence the SBD 30-100XL is 2.5 times stiffer than its standard counterpart and has greater load-bearing capabilities.

The HepcoMotion SBD is a high-performance yet cost-competitive product that is described as compact and exceptionally clean. And because it is sealed, it keeps on working in applications where other systems readily fail. A stainless steel cover strip runs the entire length of the high-strength aluminium beam housing the linear guide and belt, thereby providing excellent protection against dirt and debris.

It is this anodised aluminium beam that is the differentiator on the SBD 30-100XL; the greater stiffness of the 100mm wide beam on this new product makes it suitable for applications where underside support is limited or non-existent. It can also be used to span two parallel X axes, subject to load, with no further support. This enables one unit to be used as opposed to two smaller units fitted together.

In common with other products in the SBD range, the SBD 30-100XL is suitable for high-speed operation, generally up to 4m/s, and is driven by a polyurethane steel-reinforced, 50mm wide, toothed belt. Its tension is factory set but adjustments can easily be made via tensioning screws.

The linear guide featured in this new model is of a recirculating type from the HepcoMotion LBG caged and silent range that combines both higher loads with quiet and smooth movement. The product is provided with relubrication points and can be specified with a choice of drive options to suit the application.

Supplied in lengths up to 6m in one piece as standard, SBD 30-100XL units can also be joined together to achieve virtually unlimited length systems. Naturally the beam profiles and T-slots are compatible with the HepcoMotion MCS Machine Construction System and the corresponding range of accessories, enabling this new product to be incorporated into bespoke machines or handling systems.

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