DPM - 63S10 ultra flat stepper motor achieves high accuracy

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DPM - 63S10 ultra flat stepper motor achieves high accuracyDelta Line Europe UK introduced the DPM - 63S10 ultra flat stepper motor at the 2011 Midlands Design and Manufacturing exhibition. The ultraflat, high-torque DPM-63S10 stepper motor features a step angle of 1.8 degrees and offers a combination of high torque and positional accuracy with minimal height.

When operated in microstep mode, the DPM-63S10 can achieve positional accuracy to better than 0.02deg and, with the right driver, it can even operate as a brushless motor. Thanks to the high torque, exceptional speed stability is possible at low speeds - which can eliminate the need for gearboxes or gearing and therefore keeps the installation space to a minimum. At high speeds, powers of up to 50W can be achieved.

This powerful stepper motor is suitable for applications such as component feeders in the semiconductor market, automation equipment, medical pumps, laboratory equipment, inspection devices, equipment for laser technology, test equipment, and monitoring/security cameras.

Customer-specific versions (mechanical and electrical) are available on request.

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