Web detection sensor achieves high precision at high speed

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Web detection sensor achieves high precision at high speedSick's new compact Ax20 array sensor delivers high-performance web positioning and edge detection for the printing, packaging and textile industries. The scanning opto-electronic system offers repeatable automated object detection with a resolution down to 50 microns for precision control of web position, even at high speeds.

David Hannaby, the Product Manager for Imaging and Measurement at Sick (UK), comments: "The Ax20 operates from one side of the web only; the measuring range of up to 30mm eliminates the need for fine adjustment and the visible light spot facilitates accurate alignment, without the need for teach-in.

"These advantages ensure the Ax20 is far more versatile and reliable than conventional fork sensors, and much easier to set up. The precision enabled by the Ax20 will result in reduced wastage and less plant downtime for a quick return on investment."

Easy installation

The compact Ax20 requires no reflector, so is easy to locate and mount, and is simple to adjust for optimum results. The sensor is immune to high levels of ambient light and reflective or transparent materials, enabling it to be used with a wide range of materials such as reflective films and metal coil.

As well as high-speed web detection, the Ax20 line sensor can be used in a variety of other applications, including edge detection and thickness measurement of sheet-fed material such as paper and card, even in stacks. Other applications include counting small parts - for example, screws or clips - determining positions and widths of features such as screw holes, tracking glue beads, and detecting edges of objects such as PCBs (printed circuit boards).

The Ax20 measures just 100 x 65 x 50mm, but scans a wide area, totalling 30mm, at a range of up to 100mm. The compact size of the sensor unit, combined with its wide scanning capabilities, make it suitable for installation in confined spaces. In addition, the specially designed mount of the Ax20 also makes it easy to install.

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