Dura-Flex elastomeric couplings last longer in harsh conditions

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Huco Dynatork says that the Dura-Flex elastomeric couplings that it supplies benefit from a material-to-strength ratio that has been optimised using FEA (finite element analysis) - which is said to give the couplings an advantage over competitive products. In comparison, alternative couplings are said to be less sleek; this is important because, rather than additional construction material contributing to the couplings' strength, it simply makes them more stiff.

Thanks to their design, Dura-Flex couplings accommodate significant misalignment and minimize torsional vibration while maintaining torque capacity. The prevention of damage to connected equipment and the long service life of the coupling are clear benefits.

The Dura-Flex split-in-half element design allows for easy element installation and replacement without the need to move connected equipment or disturb the shaft connection. The in-stock, versatile spacer design can accommodate many configurations with a minimum number of parts.

A urethane bond to the leading edge of the steel shoe that is bolted to the coupling's hub is a patented design. This minimizes bond stress, thereby extending the service life of the coupling. The polyurethane flex element is also claimed to provide superior resistance to harsh environmental conditions and chemicals.

In-house tests placed Dura-Flex and competitive brand couplings in an environment with a temperature of 120degF (49degC) with a relative humidity of 78 per cent. After 18 months, the Dura-Flex coupling remained intact while all the other couplings under test had substantially degraded.

Dura-Flex couplings are therefore suitable for a wide variety of arduous applications in water treatment, paper and metal processing, power generation and materials handling. They are best suited to the uniform to heavy shock loads that are characteristic of pumps, fans/blowers, compressors, electric motors and conveyors.

Fully interchangeable with other industry-standard designs, Dura-Flex couplings are completely maintenance free. Bore-to-size, Sure-Grip bushed and Taper-Lock hubs can be specified. Contact Huco Dynatork for more information.

29 June 2011

Huco (Altra Industrial Motion)visit website
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