RotorFlow Output sensors feature digital output

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RotorFlow Output sensors feature digital outputGems Sensors & Controls is introducing a RotorFlow Output, a fluid flow sensor with a digital output, as the latest addition to its RotorFlow series. The RotorFlow's highly visible paddlewheel rotors and solid-state electronics provide an accurate flow rate output with visual confirmation when monitoring fluid flow within fluid lines. This additional output function is compatible with most digital logic units for a range of commercial and industrial machinery and systems.

The RotorFlow Output (RFO) has been specifically designed for flow rate monitoring or metering applications. RFO type sensors provide a pulsed DC voltage output (4.5-24V DC) that is proportional to the flow rate and easily integrated into most digital logic units. Digital rate meters, totalisers, and other electronic controllers can utilise the output signal.

Gems says the RotorFlow's paddlewheel design with high-visibility rotor provides verification at a glance to confirm that fluids are moving within the fluid lines. As liquid passes through the RotorFlow body, a magnetic rotor spins at a rate proportional to the flow. The magnetic fields turning with the rotor excite a static Hall Effect sensor and generate a series of voltage pulses. The sensors can monitor fluids with flow rates ranging from 0.4 to 227 litres per minute with an accuracy typically within +/-7 per cent.

RotorFlow sensors are compact, panel-mountable for ease of installation and are available in 1/4inch to 1inch port sizes. The housing bodies are available in brass, stainless steel and polypropylene, enabling the sensors to be used in a range of applications, depending on the operating pressures and temperatures likely to be experienced in service.

Typical applications include water purification, dispensing systems, chemical metering, laser systems, welder equipment, semiconductor processing, water injection systems, and chillers and heat exchangers.

As well as the RotorFlow Output sensors, gems also offers the RotorFlow Analog (RFA) devices that use the same operating principle but provide an analogue output signal of 0-10V DC. Follow the link for more information about the RotorFlow sensors.

27 September 2011

Gems Sensors & Controlsvisit website
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