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Huco Dynatork Oldham couplings are not only available in what is claimed to be the widest choice of materials, but now they can be manufactured from bar, in small quantities, in as little as two working days - which is said to be a market-leading response time.

This customer benefit has been achieved through a combination of investment in flexible production technology and the adoption of lean techniques. David Lockett, Huco Dynatork's Managing Director, states: "This has given us ultimate manufacturing flexibility and one-piece flow. And furthermore, this improved service comes at no extra cost to the customer. It means minimal inventory and better business efficiency all-round."

Huco Dynatork Oldham couplings (sliding disc couplings) are precision-engineered components comprising two hubs with inward facing tenons. These engage with matching slots spaced at 90 degrees in a central lightweight torque disc. As the coupling rotates, the disc compensates for any parallel shaft offset by sliding the commensurate distance along each tenon in turn.

Quality of motion is a function of the carefully controlled, preloaded relationship between the tenons and the torque disc. The disc is precision-moulded from high-grade engineering polymers and, being easily replaced at low cost, is the sacrificial element in the drive train; radiation- and heat-resistant torque discs are also available.

Power train protection

If severely overloaded, the torque disc will break, acting as a mechanical fuse to protect associated equipment from damage. A replacement torque disc quickly restores the drive without the need to dismantle the drive system.

Oldham couplings have been an important part of the Huco range since the mid-1980s, but the way they are manufactured has changed substantially in the intervening years. Indeed, in recent years the lead time on small batches had been cut to five days but larger orders inevitably involved unproductive queuing in the manufacturing process and a high inventory. Now it is the subject of continuous end-to-end production.

Lockett continues: "Our lean manufacturing programme has allowed us to tighten up procedures right through to customer service. The Oldham development shows we are as committed to sharp response as we are to product excellence."

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16 November 2011

Huco (Altra Industrial Motion)visit website
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