APD High Voltage connector handles up to 500V DC, 34A

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APD High Voltage connector handles up to 500V DC, 34AITT Interconnect Solutions is launching a high-voltage connector series that can conduct ten times more VDC than standard APD interconnects. The new APD High Voltage connector can handle operating voltages of up to 500V DC and an operating current of up to 34A. Cost-effective and highly reliable, the APD four-way High Voltage series suits automotive applications such as power distribution boxes, controls and junction boxes, and also electric and hybrid vehicles.

Claimed to be smaller and lighter than other similar interconnects currently on the market, ITT ICS'APD four-way high-voltage series has identical dimensions and layout to a standard APD four-way connector, so the requirement for high-voltage throughput is achieved with no increase in the weight or size of the end product. Increased voltage capacity has been made possible by adjusting the design of the insulator body and by improving the air and creepage distance. Impulse voltage is rated at 3.5kV and operating current up to 34A for wire size 4.0mm2. The APD four-way high-voltage connector is bayonet-mated and rated to IP67, or IP69k when using individual wire sealing. Other product features include 3.5kV rated impulse voltage. ITT ICS' APD four-way high-voltage series is fully VDE certified.

Other applications include industrial automation and robotics. Further details about the APD High Voltage connector are available in an Applications Note downloadable from

20 June 2011

ITT Interconnect Solutions (ITT ICS)visit website
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